The ShhArt Ensemble

"Fuck you, gran"

About Us

The ShhArt Ensemble is a collective of performers and composers who focus their energy on writing and playing new music. The group freely experiments with genre, instrumentation and performance spaces, with a view to creating a new platform for art and noise music, that is bound to stretch audience members' ears.

Founded as a string quartet in 2014 by Matthjis Van Dijk, Sarah Evans, Galina Juritz and Nicola du Toit, ShhArt is now a flexible configuration of players including strings, vocals, electronics and a range of Southern African instruments. The ensemble is actively pushing musical boundaries and exploring new collaborations with artists in interdisciplinary fields. ShhArt is mostly based in Cape Town, South Africa.

9 out of 10 grandmothers hate what we do.

Music and Videos

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Email: shhartensemble [at] gmail [dot] com